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KeyTech 2021 - 7

Hello and welcome to yet another edition of what is happening at KeyTech HQ! If you are new here, KeyTech is a programme run by us that meets every Tuesday, and our goal is to prepare learners to the big world of employment. We cover everything from making your best CVs and cover letters to office etiquette. We have our own island now on the AIM Grid so if you want to know more about the programme or just Autus in general, E-mail us or drop us a line on Twitter or Facebook. 

KeyTech 2021 - 6

Hello and welcome to week 5 of the goings on at Keytech HQ. We had a change of plan this week as there was a big snowstorm that hit the state of Texas, leaving millions without power. Our leader Kitty is from Texas and due to that could not join us this week. Instead, her lovely assistant H took over and presented a new topic that is related to the events that happened to Kitty this week. In this blog we will look at what to do if an emergency befalls you in the workplace and how you can cope and find solutions to it.

KeyTech 2021 - 5

Hello everybody and welcome to week 5 of the goings on at Keytech HQ!

KeyTech 2021 - 4

Hello and welcome to week 4 of the goings on at KeyTech HQ! We are getting into the nitty-gritty now that we have established our roles and gotten comfortable in our office space.

KeyTech 2021 - 3

Welcome to week 3 of the goings on in our wonderful KeyTech HQ! 

Each week I, your humble reporter, will be giving you, the reader, a weekly rundown of the goings on at KeyTech HQ as well as little tidbits about office life. This week, our brand-new logo was revealed and it was a gorgeous canvas of red, blue and a little key to symbolise the name of our office, KeyTech HQ. Well done to Ben for making such a lovely and eye-catching logo! It will be hung up high in our office space for all to see and marvel at.

KeyTech 2021 - 2

Welcome to the second week of KeyTech 2021 and this is your humble reporter signing in with all the news of the office that happened this week.

The KeyTech crew got settled into their new office desks and started making the place their own. Various items that the KeyTech crew put on their desks include pictures of their families, pets and various plants. It is a good idea to put personal effects on your work desk as not only do they brighten up the place, they also reduce stress and stress is no good at work - or anywhere for that matter. 

KeyTech 2021


As we leave 2020 behind, we have a lot to look forward to as 2021 is just beginning and with it a whole new set of hopes and dreams.

Interview Tips and Tricks

As part of the Keytech series here at Autus, we prepare young people on the autism spectrum for the world of work. This blog will focus on interview techniques as said in the last session.

Keeping it Wild Blog 4 - H, Ben, and Nathen


As autumn reveals itself to us, therefore the Keeping it Wild project has come to a remarkable end. It was a great few weeks in that the team at Autus went and created such wonderful projects in the virtual sphere that educate as well as entertain. Everyone on the team deserves a big round of applause as they have tirelessly worked over the last few weeks to make this project a success. In this blog we profile H, Ben and Nathen.



Keeping it Wild Blog 3 - James


Welcome to yet another addition to the Keeping it Wild blog! We are near the end of the summer now and in the outside world we have had a mix of weather these past few weeks from a heatwave to a full-on storm! Lucky for us all of our projects are in the virtual world. In this edition we sit down (virtually of course) to speak to veteran member James all about his garden project inspired by nature that he is building in Opensim on the grid.


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