Social Job Club Entry 2: Autumn - All about Goals

Social Job Club Entry 2: Autumn - All about Goals

To have structure in our lives we need goals. When we have goals, we work just a little harder to achieve them and we feel good after reaching that goal. Goals can be anything to do with life, work, money and even play. In this Social Job Club session, we as a group have been talking about setting goals, staying by them and possibly achieving them. Kitty, our team leader along with H, her assistant, has been talking and building up to setting up a ‘Goal Garden’ within the virtual world that Autus inhabits.

So how do we go around setting up a goal? I will use myself as an example. I want to get a job writing blogs for a company. So, to get to that goal, I will have to set some mini goals that will lead up to the big all-around goal. So, my mini goals to get to there as follows:

  • Start volunteering at charities and writing blogs and web content for them at a timely basis
  • Attend all my job coaching sessions
  • Apply for suitable jobs online
  • Ace the job interview?

The last mini goal might be quite lofty but now you get an idea of what a goal garden can pretrain to. A set of mini goals that can lead to one big goal and reward at the end is much worth working for and a good stress buster as you have a direction to go in life, which is a good focus.

Everyone has their own goal garden to nurture and you do not have to do it by yourself. You can ask a friend or family member to help you get on track with your goals and not let you lose sight of them.

Social Job Club runs until the end of December so look out for more updates for what goes on around our virtual space and beyond in this blog series!

- Solly