Short Courses and Skills Programmes

Short Courses and Skills Programmes

Short Courses

Log into a short course and join peers seeking to develop knowledge, skills and understanding in areas such as:

Personal finance
Health & Wellbeing
Managing Stress
Coping with Change
Interviewing Skills
Effective Communication Skills
3D Modelling
Employment Rights

Courses are informative, practical and fun lasting up to an hour.  The virtual environment means we can immerse you in scenarios and role plays to keep you engaged and motivated as well as help you remember what you have learnt!




Skills Programmes

The 3D Autus Campus is the perfect environment for you to safely develop and practise skills for work and independent living.

With environments such as Board Rooms, Supermarkets, Banks, High Street, GP Surgery and a Hospital we have created what you need to immerse yourself in space for 'in context' role play with our one of our mentors.

In small groups or 1:1 we can help you with skills for independent living and work such as:

Dealing with shopping transactions
Community living
Cooking / healthy eating on a budget
Presentation skills
Interview preparation and role play
Assertiveness skills and role play