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Project Archive


We are pleased to announce the launch of our exciting new DWP funded project Journey to Employment.

Using an avatar (a digital version of you) you will log into our online virtual world platform to gain the skills, confidence and support you need get closer to employment.  

Getting you closer to employment may involve more than building employability skills and this programme takes a holistic approach to supporting you in taking positive steps to achieve your goals.  You will get to shape the direction of your Journey to Employment by working with our experienced mentors and a range of professionals in a safe online environment that you can access from home.

Participate in online workshops, meet local employers, learn 3D modelling skills, take a leadership role in a social job club are just a few of the opportunities available on the digital Journey To Employment.

We are working in partnership with Swindon JCP and you can speak to our Community Employment Specialist to arrange a taster session.  

Download J2E Leaflet

For more information contact or ask your Specialist Health and Disability Coach at Swindon JCP about Personalisation Pathfinder.



Get what you need to get what you wantComment

The Forward Foundation funded GetSetGO! pilot project is now fully booked but the great news is we are opening access to GetSetGO! by working in partnership with local authorities and other organisations all over the UK. See our "What we offer" page for more details

GetSetGo is a project for young people with a difference:  what makes it different is that it’s really a youth led project.  The idea is that young people work together to get what they need so that they can get what they want be it jobs, work experience, skills development, friends, creative goals and so on.

GetSetGo!‘GetSetGoers’ take part in sessions (mainly via a 3D virtual environment using avatars) which are designed to bring out the best in each and every individual. We share our interests and hobbies and from there 2 coordinators (James and Adam, both in their twenties) plan and run specific activities to help everyone along in achieving their goals.

We think its best to have young people like James and Adam coordinate this project because they can identify with young people and know the challenges that young people face and how hard it is to get a lucky break especially when it comes to working in your field of choice. They participate in the project themselves, are driven to succeed and passionate about ensuring the project achieves meaningful outcomes for them and their fellow Getsetgoers.

GetSetGo! in the Virtual World

James says that ‘the purpose of the activities are to improve the GetSetGoers’

  • Personal Strengths
  • Knowledge in a specific subject or career/industry
  • Level of engagement/activeness
  • Pathways into work
  • Chances of getting and sustaining employment’

What happens when you join?

GetSetGoWe first start of by introducing GetSetgo as a whole, get you registered with an avatar learning how to navigate and do 3d modelling.  Most young people are into gaming so this is easy and interesting but for those who have trouble we offer more help.

We then we go on to talk about the sort of stuff we have running and which activities the you would like to participate in. There really is something for everyone and we have regular ‘in world’ sessions where they can log in from home and join the group - these sessions give people a chance improve their:

  • Communication skills
  • Team work skills
  • Building in a 3D environment (Virtual World)
  • Overall confidence

Some of the 2014 highlights: tour of animation company studio where Getsetgoers get to create an advert and learn about working in that industry, tour of recording studio where Getsetgoers get to make a CD, workshop on creating excellent CVs that stand out, group project where the groups models a 3D building, 3D Printing exhibition.

If you would like further information about GetSetGo! contact or .
You can also register here.
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