Building Club

Building Club

The Building Club is a monthly gathering for everyone interested in getting to grips with the tools and skills necessary to be creative using the virtual world!

Sessions will examine everything from the basics of building to more advanced tricks like animation and scripting, and even the application of free third party tools for the creation of assets to use in and on your creations.  Each week will have a focus, such as a particular building or scripting project, and sessions take place on the first Friday of every month, between 10:30am and 12:30pm.  The learning environment for the Building Club will also link with a repository of materials for everyone to use in their own projects.

For the time being, Building Club is on hold while its Session Leader delivers a course that focuses heavily on Blender.  Due to the structure of the course, it is not possible to accept new registrants mid-way through.

Please email us at if you wish to be notified when Building Club returns.



Building club is presently on hold.