KeyTech 2021

KeyTech 2021


As we leave 2020 behind, we have a lot to look forward to as 2021 is just beginning and with it a whole new set of hopes and dreams.

In the realm of KeyTech, 2021 marks a time of change as they move on to the next stage of the programme and into independent work. This involves moving from the space that KeyTech has been in the last year on the virtual world, into another space within it (pictured) which mimics a real-life office space so the participants can get a feel to what it is like to be in such an environment and get them ready for work.

Each member chose their desk, with KeyTech leader Kitty choosing the desk in the middle as she explains this is the desk that the manager would always choose in the real-life environment. The first task after choosing where to sit was to place desk markers so other people would know that the desk is theirs. That can be anything that they have made in the virtual world from plants to pictures of family pets. The remainder of the KeyTech sessions going forward will be set in this virtual office backdrop and this blog kicks off a series of updates about the project going forward.

Last but by certainly no means least is New Year's resolutions and goals. The group have had a very good Christmas and have thought up great goals to stick to this year. Here is one example by a member:

My resolution for this year is largely to look for some paid IT or Admin work. Ideally this would be flexible or part-time, and to secure it on a permanent rather than temporary basis. In addition, if I can't find any work in Admin, I would like to secure a part-time job in IT or Web Development, and use this to develop my web development and coding skills. I would also like to travel somewhere again, whether that is in the UK or abroad to countries like Spain or Italy. I also resolve to try to see some of my friends in person again, assuming that it is safe to do so. I also resolve to head out to a cinema or go bowling again, assuming either of these are possible during the Summer. Finally I resolve to ensure that I feel less anxious and stressed, and to be more relaxed and healthier where possible.

The group had a lively chat about goals for 2021 and passed around notecards containing them. Stay tuned to this blog for more about Keytech and thank you for reading this introduction blog.

- Solly