KeyTech 2021 - 2

KeyTech 2021 - 2

Welcome to the second week of KeyTech 2021 and this is your humble reporter signing in with all the news of the office that happened this week.

The KeyTech crew got settled into their new office desks and started making the place their own. Various items that the KeyTech crew put on their desks include pictures of their families, pets and various plants. It is a good idea to put personal effects on your work desk as not only do they brighten up the place, they also reduce stress and stress is no good at work - or anywhere for that matter. 

Kitty started the proceedings off by asking the crew what the name of their new office shall be. There were many answers from KeyTech HQ to KeyTech Hub but everybody got down to vote and later decided upon the name KeyTech HQ. KeyTech HQ is a very fitting name for the new project going forward. 

Second on the agenda was deciding and designing a new logo to go along with the new name. All the most famous companies in the world have a great and eye-catching logo in that you instantly think of the company and their products the second you see it. When you see a silver apple for example, you think of Apple, the maker of sleek silver laptops and the bestselling smartphone, the catchy named iPhone. Or if you see a pair of golden arches you instantly think of fast food, it is because those golden arches belong to fast food mega giant, McDonalds.

The KeyTech logo needs to be fast, catchy and overall, simple. The best logos in the world are simple and that’s why many people remember them. KeyTech members Daniel and Ben are tasked with making a great and effective KeyTech logo that we can proudly display on our hub and anywhere else that it needs displaying.

Overall, it was a very productive session today and I as the reporter cannot wait to chime you guys into the new inner workings of this amazing project. Stay tuned to this series of blog reports for more happenings going around KeyTech HQ!

- Solly