KeyTech 2021 - 3

KeyTech 2021 - 3

Welcome to week 3 of the goings on in our wonderful KeyTech HQ! 

Each week I, your humble reporter, will be giving you, the reader, a weekly rundown of the goings on at KeyTech HQ as well as little tidbits about office life. This week, our brand-new logo was revealed and it was a gorgeous canvas of red, blue and a little key to symbolise the name of our office, KeyTech HQ. Well done to Ben for making such a lovely and eye-catching logo! It will be hung up high in our office space for all to see and marvel at.

First things first we had to generate a cube from the edit menu and manipulate it into a computer so we can surf the web via our in-grid computer. It was a tricky job but we managed to get it to work at the end. Second is the meat of the session, and Kitty discussed how we would put up morale in the work-place. Kitty shared with us that in her old workplace, there used to be little competitions in which the person who would sell the most and so on would get a little prize, and the competition was represented by little hot air balloons in which they would advance from place to place depending on how well the person did. 

Well as a group we decided to go with the hot air balloon option for our team building competition. Regular workplaces have these set up to boost morale in the company and to encourage friendliness within the teams. Each of us was given two cities to give out fun facts to tell in the session coming.

I will give you mine. I got Paris and Yokohama. Here goes…

  • Did you know, the Eiffel Tower in Paris was not always meant to be there? That is true! It was a temporary installation meant to celebrate the 1889 World’s Fair that was taking place in the city at the time. It was only meant to stand for twenty years but it became so loved it's here today and an iconic symbol of the city.
  • Yokohama was a city of firsts in Japan, having the first English language newspaper in the country, Felice Beato and the first ice cream and beer in Japan were also produced there.

And finally, we have the full list of KeyTech members and their final job roles. Look out for interviews about them and their role in the coming weeks:

Kitty - Office Manager 

Stefan - Assisting the Office Manager

Me - Reporter/Blogger

Daniel - Project Manager

H - Support Coder

Haresh - Office decor, researcher and support project

Ben - Support Texture Creation

- Solly