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KeyTech 2021


As we leave 2020 behind, we have a lot to look forward to as 2021 is just beginning and with it a whole new set of hopes and dreams.

Interview Tips and Tricks

As part of the Keytech series here at Autus, we prepare young people on the autism spectrum for the world of work. This blog will focus on interview techniques as said in the last session.

Keeping it Wild Blog 4 - H, Ben, and Nathen


As autumn reveals itself to us, therefore the Keeping it Wild project has come to a remarkable end. It was a great few weeks in that the team at Autus went and created such wonderful projects in the virtual sphere that educate as well as entertain. Everyone on the team deserves a big round of applause as they have tirelessly worked over the last few weeks to make this project a success. In this blog we profile H, Ben and Nathen.



Keeping it Wild Blog 3 - James


Welcome to yet another addition to the Keeping it Wild blog! We are near the end of the summer now and in the outside world we have had a mix of weather these past few weeks from a heatwave to a full-on storm! Lucky for us all of our projects are in the virtual world. In this edition we sit down (virtually of course) to speak to veteran member James all about his garden project inspired by nature that he is building in Opensim on the grid.

Keeping it Wild Blog 2 - Daniel


Welcome back to another edition of the Keeping it Wild blog series. We are well into both the summer and the project and each member of the team has been given the task of building an object related to nature in the virtual Autus space. In this series of blogs we are going to interview each member about their project and their hopes for the future of both themselves and the KIW project. In this edition of the blog, we meet Daniel, who is building a hedgehog house.

Keeping it Wild Blog 1 - Solly



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