Keeping it Wild Blog 3 - James

Keeping it Wild Blog 3 - James


Welcome to yet another addition to the Keeping it Wild blog! We are near the end of the summer now and in the outside world we have had a mix of weather these past few weeks from a heatwave to a full-on storm! Lucky for us all of our projects are in the virtual world. In this edition we sit down (virtually of course) to speak to veteran member James all about his garden project inspired by nature that he is building in Opensim on the grid.

James' Vertical Garden projectSolly: Hello James, would you mind telling us about your project for Keeping it Wild?

James: Yes of course!

Solly: How did you decide on the garden project first of all?

James: Let's see... to begin with I was actually thinking of doing something around a window garden; those little boxes you sit in the window almost like a window box but, well, more garden-oriented.  But then Kitty talked about making things simpler and our instructions for building a bit more layman-friendly, and I figured given the amount of woodworking all the decent window garden tutorials suggested... something a little simpler might be in order.  Thus, the switch to a *vertical* garden build.

Solly: What factors of nature are you putting into your build?

James: Well, plants for a start!  Of course, there's a limit to what opensim can represent, but I'll be approximating smaller plants that could grow in these little pots.  Herbs, flowers, that sort of thing.  Then you've got the secondary stuff like the insects the plants will provide for.

Solly: What is your final aim for the project?

James: When it's done, it should represent an easy to understand tutorial on how to assemble a vertical garden of one’s own in the real world!  I'm sure the steps are already fairly obvious at a glance.

Solly: Also what is your favourite part about the project?

James: That would be getting to put my building skills to use.

Solly: Thank you James.