KeyTech 2021 - 7

KeyTech 2021 - 7

Hello and welcome to yet another edition of what is happening at KeyTech HQ! If you are new here, KeyTech is a programme run by us that meets every Tuesday, and our goal is to prepare learners to the big world of employment. We cover everything from making your best CVs and cover letters to office etiquette. We have our own island now on the AIM Grid so if you want to know more about the programme or just Autus in general, E-mail us or drop us a line on Twitter or Facebook. 

Today’s session, in a twist of fate, also focused on emergencies but this time, in the office rather than outside. The AIM Grid server that we use every week for our meetings was down and our brilliant IT man James was hard at work getting the servers back up again. Whilst he was doing that, we met up in a hub world powered by Mozilla Hubs which was not unlike the one that we use through Firestorm, except that we had to choose from the pre-loaded icons that Mozilla offered us. I was a fancy ghost, of course. We spent an hour in the hub until James managed to get the Firestorm servers online again and we transferred back to our familiar island.

Emergencies like that can happen anytime in the office, you just have to learn to get to grips with them and have a back-up plan for when problems arise. For physical mishaps, like the photocopier machine and any other technology going haywire, the best thing to do in a situation like that is to first call the IT technician. There should be a group of them in hand at any time and they should get your problem sorted. While they work at it, you can focus on any other work that you have got to be doing.

In the case of fire drills, that is also very simple. You listen to your health and safety manager as they tell you to move single file to the nearest fire exit. When you are outside there is usually a wait between 2-5 minutes. When asked to come inside again, go to your allocated place in single file.

Maintenance almost always happens in an office environment so when it comes up to your corner, you usually have another space away from the building workers in which you can do your work. Building takes time so patience is key.

The Around The World Race has just started and it's getting exciting here at KeyTech HQ so check back next week (emergency pending!) for more KeyTech happenings and workplace tips.

- Solly