KeyTech 2021 - 6

KeyTech 2021 - 6

Hello and welcome to week 5 of the goings on at Keytech HQ. We had a change of plan this week as there was a big snowstorm that hit the state of Texas, leaving millions without power. Our leader Kitty is from Texas and due to that could not join us this week. Instead, her lovely assistant H took over and presented a new topic that is related to the events that happened to Kitty this week. In this blog we will look at what to do if an emergency befalls you in the workplace and how you can cope and find solutions to it.

Bad Weather and Disrupted Travel
As Kitty was stuck without power due to very bad weather she could not make it to the session, so we made bad weather the main subject of our discussion. Bad weather is not preventable, it is something you cannot control and your boss should have complete sympathy with you. To tell your boss that you cannot come into work because of bad weather, first E-mail the boss explaining so. You may want to attach a copy of your local area's weather report detailing the bad weather to your E-mail. If E-mail is not available, it is a good idea to give your boss a call. There is nothing you can do about bad weather so your boss should be understanding. 

In the case of disrupted travel it is best to call your boss to tell them that you will be late and the reason why. If travel disputes block your way to work all over it is best to send your boss an E-mail explaining why you cannot come into work today and instead will be working from home.

Illness in the Family
Another unavoidable scenario and one that is increasing in today’s climate is illness in the family. A family member has fallen ill and it may be your job to look after them. A good tip is to e-mail your boss and say that you will make up for lost time and if you have holiday time it is a good idea to use it up now. With the advent of Zoom and working from home becoming more normalised, you can now properly work from home and have all the office programs available to you.

There are many other emergency reasons but those are the main two that many employees have during their working life.

- Solly