KeyTech 2021 - 5

KeyTech 2021 - 5

Hello everybody and welcome to week 5 of the goings on at Keytech HQ!

It was another busy week over at the virtual world as we discussed what we do in our time away from Keytech HQ. Good news is that finally our lovely logo is up outside on the quad, so whenever you are around the area, make sure to marvel at it and thank Ben for all his amazing work on it! Back to what happened on the grid.. we got started on the points system which our Round the World race will be tallied upon, all very exciting. We were also asked to prepare a 5-minute presentation on the cities we have chosen for ourselves along with a few non-touristy looking photos to accompany it. If you haven’t got any photos that you have taken yourself of the place you can always search the royalty-free photos on Getty Images as there are always gems on there.

Back to the points system, we talked to the group leader Kitty about what would make enough points and how we would do it. Volunteering outside of office hours was a good suggestion as you are getting hands-on experience with your chosen job and it will look really good on your CV. It also shows that you are active in this time and not just idling around. Another good suggestion was looking for a certain number of jobs, and bringing proof of it as it shows you are being proactive. Education also counts as does actually being employed by a company during the programme. Keytech session specific points include turning up early/on time and being active in discussion.
The points system is as follows, agreed on by the whole group:

  1. Arrive on time or early for 1 point
  2. City presentations - must include one photo and 5 min presentation on city plus info notecard earns 5 points
  3. Job hunting for 1 hour on your own time will earn you 5 points, no need to provide proof.
  4. Fill out job application - 5 points
  5. Self-education, study - 5 points
  6. Volunteering - 3 points
  7. In-world projects - time spent; 10 min is 1 point and completed project is a bonus point

Good luck everyone in the group and tune in next time for more updates!

- Solly