KeyTech 2021 - 8

KeyTech 2021 - 8

Welcome back to another edition of the goings on at KeyTech HQ! We are over halfway through the programme but that does not mean that the fun is slowing down! The Round the World race is going strong with H leading the pack but that can change any time between now and the end of the programme. Remember, if you are interested in any of the programmes Autus has to offer, from KeyTech to Social Job Club, make sure to contact us. This week marked the start of our independent projects and my one is this blog of course, but not before we discussed office roles.

A normal office will have around seven departments that make it work for what it is. As I have worked in the charity sector I will use that as an example.

IT Department: Every office has an IT department that makes sure all the technology around the office is running smoothly. The IT department is well-needed across all sectors because without their expertise, the other departments would not run properly as nearly all work is done on computers.

Finance: The finance department manages the cash flow of the company and does the taxes as well. They also manage the invoices and expenses of the other departments. Each has its own Head Accountant and other people.

Admin: Admin are the unsung heroes of the office as they can do a number of tasks around all departments. From E-mailing bosses, photocopying, invoicing and other office duties, a solid admin department is not easy to beat!

Communications/PR: This is the department I work in and a PR(Public Relations)s job is to make sure all the company's social media and E-mails are running smoothly. PR also works in tandem with Marketing to sell the company to the outside world. This department also looks after the website and writes content for it.

HR: HR or Human Resources is the department to go to when there is a problem with the company and you want the issue resolved. HR also takes care of the new hires and they are the ones to impress when you send in your CV and cover letter as they will see it first!

Health and Safety: They might not be in the office space proper but this team looks after the office physically as well as mentally. They also include the receptionist (who also covers admin), first aid, janitorial and security forces.

Make sure you tune into next week as we will be kicking off the Interview series!

- Solly