KeyTech 2021 - 9

KeyTech 2021 - 9

Hello all and welcome back to the KeyTech blog! Today is the first in our interview series in which I talk to a member of the KeyTech HQ all about their roles and goals. Here is our wonderful session leader Kitty!

Solly: Introduce yourself and tell about your role in Keytech


Kitty: My name is Kitty aka Helene (my birth name)
Kitty: I am 54, I live in Texas, I am from New Jersey
Kitty: I have been working for Autus since 2017
Kitty: I have over 20 years’ experience as an avatar

Solly: How did you get involved with Keytech?

Kitty: I am the senior session leader
Kitty: I came in as a volunteer to help teach building, as I knew Dawn from my business in Second Life
Kitty: KeyTech was created as part of the CareerTech series of programmes
Kitty: I worked with a team to create the programme, and I've run it for 2 years now
Kitty: KeyTech was developed to help folks to identify and take steps on their career journey

Solly: Can you give three tips on being a good office manager?

Kitty: An office manager arrives before the rest of the team does every single day
Kitty: An office manager keeps everything running smoothly, so they keep a tight schedule and lots of notes
Kitty: And an office manager has a different type of relationship with co-workers than others do, they are one of the team but they are also in charge so they have to maintain balance in that sense

Solly: Finally, can you sell Autus to anyone who would like to join in the future

Kitty: Ok, well Autus is a UK-based charity that supports adults on the autism spectrum with career goals
Kitty: if you find that you are "stuck"
Kitty: and want help getting "unstuck"
Kitty: Our intention at Autus is to help an individual realize their potential, and set themselves on a path to independence and fulfilment in business

Solly: Thank you Kitty

- Solly