Job Club

Job Club

The Job Club is a weekly social gathering to support people seeking or just starting employment.

We meet once a week on Thursdays from 2:00pm to 3:30pm in our online AIM Grid environment at the virtual C-Up CafĂ©.  Here we discuss progress and exchange tips and strategies, as well as other events such as activities and presentations by guest speakers.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved (either as a participant or a guest speaker) please feel free to send an E-mail to one of the following addresses:


‘The level of interest, friendliness, professionalism and variety remains of a high standard.’ Nov 17

‘I learnt a lot from Job Club as it gives useful information.’ Sept 17

‘I most liked taking part in all activities such as interview practice, the snakes and ladders where we collected notecards that had job related information. Sept 17


5th AprilClosed
Easter Break
12th AprilShowcase
Shine Gallery Gardens Opening Show - Stroll our Sculpture Gardens, visit the artists, each will present their work and explain their inspiration for their builds.
19th AprilWork Place Idioms
Team Projects - teams build sculptures that represents idiom confusion, to be shown during the showcase.
26th AprilBack at the Gallery
Working in the center of the gallery to create a focal point sculpture, representing the confusion of idioms
3rd MayPhotography
Use of zoom, camera angles, filters and sky.
10th MayTeam Project and Photography
Working to complete team build projects and working to complete a photo series for next gallery show
17th May The Responsible Employee
Independent work and responsible reporting. How to prepare work for presentation and habits of being responsible for your work
24th May Responsibilities
Review of responsibilities in projects.
31th May Pre Showcase Review
Review of responsibility reports, sculpture build and photos
7th JuneShowcase & Gallery Grand Opening
Presenting of the gallery gift idiom confusion sculpture, photoshoots.