Adventure Forge

Adventure Forge

Let’s create a game!

Our virtual environment has all the features we need for it, so why not create an in-world adventure game for all avatars to play and enjoy? 

Together, we will develop an entire minigame, with a coherent storyline, quests and events, treasures and traps for the brave-hearted to explore. 

Might it be a pirate treasure hunt, ancient ruins, a haunted house or an enchanted forest? Or maybe a mysterious underwater world?  A journey through space? We will decide on the theme together and work in a team to bring the adventure to life on one of our sims. 

We will build up an environment, write a storyline, develop quest items, hide treasures to find and keep, and plot traps and challenges for players to overcome. 

Whether you always wanted to make your own game or find joy in building, developing a thrilling story or just love computer games, in Adventure Forge you can be part of a developer team. 

We will meet once per week for 2 hours.  In the first sessions, we will decide on the topic of our game and outline the story and the assets we will need for it.  During the following sessions, we will build up the location and make the items we want to use.  Finally, we will work on the overall game experience and see if everything works out as planned.

Then we will proudly present our game to all players on the grid and invite them over to take part in our great adventure.

Excited?  Sign up using the Registration Form link below and join us in Adventure Forge.