Help People with Autism Get into Tech

Help People with Autism Get into Tech

Autus, a charity specialising in teaching employability and life skills to people with autism, is seeking IT professionals to take part in its MentorMe3D scheme.  The scheme matches people with autism interested in working in IT with a mentor who can advise them on how to get into the sector. 

"I was a bit apprehensive about mentoring an autistic person at first but both of us have benefited from the experience. I have learnt that many skills I take for granted can really make a difference to another person.  [His] aptitude for coding is exceptional and I spend a few hours each month listening, guiding and supporting him.  It's been very rewarding to see his confidence grow and him securing paid work opportunities in a very short space of time."

Andrew, Business Consultant and Autus Mentor

Everyone in the tech field agrees that the UK is facing a shortage of digital skills which needs to be addressed.  Yet the industry is largely missing out on the talents of people with autism who may be uniquely qualified for the jobs of the future.  Tech giants such as Microsoft and SAP are seeking to hire more staff with autism due to their increased perceptual capacity and pattern recognition. Many of our mentees have IT-related qualifications or have taught themselves to code.  However, the skills needed to get a job tend to differ from the skills needed to do the job.  That's where mentoring can really make a difference. 

“It's great to have her guiding me and giving me something to strive for”

James, one of our mentees, talking about his mentor

We are looking for mentors who are willing to spare approximately 4 hours per month to help someone with autism build capabilities in areas such as:

  • Finding relevant job opportunities
  • Tailoring CVs to IT roles
  • Applying and interviewing for tech jobs
  • Negotiating pay

Full training is provided in autism awareness, safeguarding and the specifics of the role. 

“Being a mentor is one of the most rewarding experiences.  I enjoy working with [him], seeing him grow in confidence and achieve things he never thought he could do”

Donna, CEO and Autus Mentor

There are many more gifted young autistic people who just need a bit of guidance to help them show potential employers what they can do.  If you are interested in helping someone with autism achieve their full potential, please sign up at  The abilities you take for granted can make an extraordinary difference.