Blender Updates!

Coffee Mug UVBlender Class met up this week and the UV map of the coffee cup started to take shape.
It's important to create a good UV map when working with Blender  in order that the textures of the coffee cup will look and flow so much better.

Autus at night is BACK!

AaN FlyerAutus at Night Presents - Free Build Night 12 September 2023. This is an opportunity to catch up on your independent build projects, explore our new community of sims, make progress on your goal planning or meet with staff or team members for collaboration or help.

Reclaim Video!

This video was created as part of the Reclaim project where the team recreated Croydon in the virtual world. Reclaim is all wound up now, but it would be sad not to show off everyone's hard work a little further!

Save the Date!

We're excited to announce our first "Autus at Night" session! Tuesday 2nd of May from 7pm to 10pm courtesy of Kitty and H, with chat and trivia!

Autus is 10 Years Old!

January marked the 10th anniversary of Autus!  It's been an amazing 10 years of projects, with participants and staff coming and going, some of them recent and bittersweet.

Just before we broke up for Christmas, everyone got together to add the anniversary to our end of year celebrations, and everyone in SJC has worked really hard to create a showcase exhibit on the upper floor of the Shine Gallery!  And a video to go along with it!

SJC Goal Garden!

Kitty's GardenHello and welcome to a long overdue edition of the Social Job Club Autus blog! I have missed writing blogs for you all so much and now that I am out of my burnout phase I am ready to write up all about the fabulous goings on at the AIM Grid in which Autus makes its base.

Social Job Club Entry 2: Autumn - All about Goals

To have structure in our lives we need goals. When we have goals, we work just a little harder to achieve them and we feel good after reaching that goal. Goals can be anything to do with life, work, money and even play. In this Social Job Club session, we as a group have been talking about setting goals, staying by them and possibly achieving them. Kitty, our team leader along with H, her assistant, has been talking and building up to setting up a ‘Goal Garden’ within the virtual world that Autus inhabits.

Coming soon: Digital Horizons!

We are proud to announce our upcoming programme: Digital Horizons!

End of Term Games Party!

Social Job Club will be hosting an end of term bash on the AIM Grid at their new Games Resort Island! Come and join in from 2pm on Thursday the 29th of July.

Social Job Club Blog Entry 1: Summer

Welcome to the Social Job Club blog in which I will be detailing the goings-on here at the SJC virtual world for all of you to take a peek at!


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