OCN Centre Approved

Autus has received OCN centre approval! ...

TIGA Awards Autus Press Release

TIGA have posted a press-release about us! ...

Help People with Autism Get into Tech

Autus, a charity specialising in teaching employability and life skills to people with autism, is seeking IT professionals to take part in its MentorMe3D scheme.  The scheme matches people with autism interested in working in IT with a mentor who can advise them on how to get into the sector. 

Minister for London Sees Benefits of Autism Tech

The Minister for London, Gavin Barwell MP, saw for himself how technology can help people with autism gain skills for work and independent living on a visit to the Croydon hub of autism charity Autus. As well as logging into Autus' 3DNovations learning environment with his very own avatar and trying his hand at a 'snakes and ladders'-style serious game used to teach employability skills, Mr Barwell spoke with some of Autus' learners, who explained how Autus had helped them learn IT skills, gain qualifications and find paid work.

Ambitious about Autism

 Reflection on Employability Skills - Laurence Griffin

The aim of the online discussion was to focus on the very real, pressing issue of employability and autism in an ever changing employment market. From personal experience, there are currently a great deal of challenges that need to be overcome in order to readdress this social issue...

World Autism Day 2016

"On this World Autism Awareness Day, I call for advancing the rights of individuals with autism and ensuring their full participation and inclusion as valued members of our diverse human family who can contribute to a future of dignity and opportunity for all."  - Ban Ki-moon

World Autism Day

Study in Empowering People with Disabilities

Civil Society Case: 3Dnovations & Autus

How do you influence decisions if they are made according to rules that are clear to everyone except you?  How do you make your voice heard if you have grown up with an unpredictable barrage of disapproval, exclusion and ridicule whenever you try to express yourself?  Especially if you've therefore withdrawn from the world, maybe to the point of not speaking at all? 

3D Launch Point

Arriving at the new 3D Launch Point, I am immediately greeted by the first thing anyone new to virtual worlds needs to know: how to make my avatar move about, and thus explore this new environment.

A Virtual World Café - Connecting and Supporting People with Autism

Balance, Hao2 and Pure Innovations have been working together in a pilot supporting people with autism through the virtual world using a Connect Up virtual café designed by a young man with autism.

Initial findings are that the project is achieving positive outcomes for people with autism with the majority of the participants reporting improvement in:

Europe and Autism: United in Neurodiversity?

The aim of improving autism support in Europe is laudable.  However, is it informed by too negative a vision of the future for people on the spectrum? 


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