3D Makeathon Discovery

3D Makeathon Discovery

3D Makeathon♥Discovery is a programme for those who want a better understanding of who they are and where they fit in the world. Everyone has something to offer and can make a contribution to society. Often we don’t know what that could be, or don't know how to go about making those first steps to achieving it. This programme encourages self-reflection on where you are now, and by understanding more about yourself, what you might want to do in the future.

Using confidence building exercises including building, 3D photography, textures and diagrams you will explore many themes of self identity. Through these explorations, a picture of where you might want to go next and some small short term goals should start to emerge.  The programme will take place in the AIM Grid (our 3D virtual world), and also 1-to-1 sessions via Zoom.

If you are interested, please register now at the link below and you will be contacted by the programme leader Jaminda with a view to introducing herself and the programme. The programme will run officially from early April 2022.

Discovery/Makeathon is kindly sponsored by The Jack Petchey Foundation.

Please note: this programme is open to participants residing in the Greater London area.